Week 20

I let my membership lapse.  I found myself too far behind and not knowing if I could catch up, I decided to just let it go.  Not quite sure how I feel about it.  On one hand, I was so far behind, I doubt I would have caught up.  On the other hand, I feel a bit guilty for giving up on myself.

I missed Week 8’s webinar and from there is was touch and go.  I stopped most of the exercises.  I kept making excuses; I’ll get on board next week, and other such lies.  I am not sure exactly why I walked away, but I do know it was all because of “me.”  The course, people, time, etc was all fair and worthwhile.  I did begin to feel overwhelmed, but that was the point where I should have stepped up, instead of giving up.

I learned a great deal and have improved.  I find myself being the “observer” a great deal more.  And my DMP, though not completely taking affect, has come into play quite often.

Sometime I will begin again; reading Og and Haanel, my DMP, etc.

It was a step forward for me and not my last step.

I wish all of you the best.  Thanks Mark, Davene, and the rest of the team for all your work and support.



Week 18

One of the things I needed to work on was “giving.”  Over my life, I would give here and there, but it was always a low priority.

After reading others’ post, and reflecting on Haanel, I decided to be more pro-active.  I just started making monthly donations to Shriners (www.loveshriners.org).  I have a list of various other organizations that I will be donating to as well.

I also started saving money!  I am bad with money; always spending.  But I saw a couple of simple saving techniques and decided to implement them.  One of them is to put into a piggy back, one cent for each day of the year.  For example; on Jan 1, I put one penny in the bank.  On Jan 2, I put two pennies in the bank.  On Jan 15, I put fifth-teen cents into the bank.
Another technique is to put a dollar away for each week of the year.  First week, one dollar. Second week, two dollars, and so on.
I will leave it to the reader on how much money these two simple techniques add up to.

Getting ready for a big snow storm here in Philadelphia.  Hope to be on the call on Sunday.




Week 14

I just checked and I have not posted since Week 8!  Why?  Everything brought me down.  I was not fulfilling my DMP.  I was not making phone calls which negated Og.  I was not making pelf, so I did not want to read the Man in the Mirror.  So, I let go of Haanal too.

Now the holidays are over.  A new year; hope springs eternal.  I started catching up with Haanal.  Great stuff!  I need to compress a few weeks of Haanal into a few days.

Not sure what to do about Og and my DMP though.  If I am not building my business, and both Og and my DMP reinforces my lack of effort, then why bring myself down?

On another note, I took this course two years ago.  At the time it was free, and I found myself making a bigger effort to get on the webinars and do the lessons.  If I did not meet the requirements, I would be kicked out, so I made extra effort for that not to happen.
But now with PIF, my attitude has gotten worse.  Since I am paying for it, I now have the right to do as I wish.  Skip or not skip.  I know this is wrong thinking, but it does affect me from time to time.

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Week 8

I know this is late.  I had a tough week last week.  I had a bout of depression.  I’ve been battling this for years.  I basically give up on everything and go into a hole.  It was pretty severe, lasting the entire week.

I was going to skip the webinar on Sunday, but thought, what the heck, nothing better to do; so I connected.

Mark made the point that this is the week our subby starts to revolt and tries to shut down our new blue print.  Was this what was happening to me?  Was what I thought was depression was just my old subby trying to maintain control? Maybe this has been the source of my depression for my entire adult life?  When I tried to change for the better, my subby (in the form of depression) shut me down.  Interesting.

I am glad there is no webinar this weekend.  I need to get back on the wagon and continue with my new blue print.  What do I have to lose?

Week 7

I am taking Go90Grow and the webinar covered Framed Firelighters.  Framed Firelighters are phrases that get people to ask me for more information.

I was driving with some friends to a poker game.  I was thinking about trying a frame firefighter.  The car we were driving in was new and the driver was talking about how expensive it was.  I said, “Cars are expensive.  Brand new cars are even more expensive.  Some people have found a way to get the government to pay for them.”

Both of my friends began asking me questions about how to get the government to pay for their cars!  I did not know what to say, so I told them people used the home-based business tax deduction to pay for their cars.

What does this have to do with Week 7?  I am growing and I am learning and I am willing to try new things.  My DMP is constantly on my mind (consciously) and then there is my subby!  “I can be what I will to be!”

Week 6

Part of my DMP is to control my finances.  I wrote, “Realizing always that my finances are about income AND spending, I control BOTH.”  For the last few weeks, this sentence keeps popping up in my mind.  I find myself ready to spend money on something I don’t really need, and then my DMP interjects itself.  Another part of my DMP, “And before I spend, I recognize emotional spending and pause; I use the Law of Substitution and this enables me to make the best decision with my funds.”  This process is becoming a HABIT (Scroll #1 from the Greatest Salesman).

Other parts of my DMP are not as strong as this, though.  But that is OK.  As I get more control of my finances, I believe Subby will move to the other parts of my DMP, and will influence my other behaviors as well.

Press Release

We decided to meet in Rittenhouse Square; an upscale section of center-city Philadelphia. It is July, 2018.  I am sitting by a window when I see Jim pull up on his Indian Chieftain.  It is a beauty; silver in color.  And Jim looks good on it.  As he climbs off the bike, I notice he is tall and fit.  he is wearing jeans and a white button-down shirt.  He has a black leather vest and helmet.  He leaves his helmet and vest on the bike and walks into the restaurant to meet me.

I am surprised at how young Jim looks.  He is 60, but could pass for his 40’s.  I point this out to him.  He tells me its two things; luck of the gene pool and Atkins.  “A few years ago I was 50 lbs overweight.  My knees were bothering me and I was out of breath constantly.  I do not have much patience so anything I had to do, had to show results quickly.  I checked it out and found Atkins.”  “How long did it take to lose the weight, and what about exercise?” I ask.  “Once Atkins started kicking in, I lost about a pound a day.  So after two months, I was at my ideal weight.  I picked up Karate lessons as a form of exercise which helped with my coordination.  I go to the gym too, but nothing too regular.  Between Karate and basic workouts, I’ve done pretty good with my health and weight.”

I asked Jim about his motorcycle.  “Its an Indian Chieftain.  Its big which means its more stable.  I like big bikes!  I imagine I feel the same as a dog with his head outside the car window.”

“So Jim, what has brought you here today?”  “My motorcycle.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Well a few years ago, I had a good job working as a Field Engineer.  I was home a great deal, waiting for a call to send me on the road.  Though it was a good job, I was getting older and retirement was weighing heavily on my mind.  You see, I am bad with money.  I spend it as I make it.  So I had no savings, and a mortgage.  I was ashamed of myself for being so old, but being so immature with my money.  I began looking to change.  I stumbled upon Go90Grow, the Master Key Mastermind Alliance and Stream Energy; the trifecta that changed my life.”

I had to admit I never heard of them.  “What are these things, and how have they changed your life?”

“It starts with Stream Energy.  Stream is a network-marketing company that offers discounted energy; electricity and gas, and cell phone service.  What I liked about Stream was that it offered services already in people’s budgets.  Everyone uses electricity and cell phones.  I did check out other opportunities, but they had a product, which would require someone to spend money they were not already spending.  I did not feel comfortable asking friends to spend money on something they did not really need.  But with Stream, I could offer them electricity at a lower rate.  How could they say no?”

“So it was easy building Stream then?” I asked.  “To the contrary, it was like pulling teeth!  For some reason, I kept getting “nos.”  I did not understand it.  Why say “no” to cheaper electricity?  I lost a friend or two over it because I took it personal.  I figured they wanted to see me fail.  Why else would they say “no?”  But I found out that this was the case with virtually every associate within Stream; their friends and family almost always said, “no.”  It made me realize two things; how much harder it must be to build a network-marketing company that required buying a product, and, how do I get over the rejection?  This lead me to Go90Grow.”  “What is Go90Grow?” I asked.  “Go90Grow is training that teaches and educates on how to approach people about the business.  How to use rejection-free techniques.  How to strike interest.  A great deal of psychology going on.  I really liked it because I could be honest with the prospect, but get them to see the opportunity too.  Most people have a sales-filter.  You have probably been approached by a network marketer, right?”  “Yes I have.” I said.  “A few times.  I know what’s coming, an invitation to a meeting, or a product demo.  I have lost a couple of friends over it”, I laugh. “Exactly,” Jim says.  “Now with Go90Grow, I would have presented to you in such a way, where you would have asked me for a business over-view.  How cool is that?”

“But I was still having trouble, because my self-esteem sucked!  I did not feel worthy of being successful.  Deep down inside, I had a very low opinion of myself.  This lead me to Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  Good fortune was that the same people who ran Go90Grow also offered MKMMA.  MKMMA showed how my internal blue-print had lead me to my present position in life.  If I was to change my future, I had to change my blue-print.  But how?  Its pretty challenging.  But with the help and guidance of Mark and Davene Januszewski, and their team. I was able to change my blue-print to what it should have been all along.”  “Sounds kind of deep.”  “It is and its not.  There is a big learning curve.  And it takes a lot of time.  In fact, it never really ends.  But as long as I keep growing in the right direction, I never want it to end.”

“So where are you now and where do you expect to be?” I asked.  “Well, I am bring in about $10k a month.  I paid off my house, and paid cash for my motorcycle.  I am planning on opening a Go90Grow store, where we will support all network-marketing companies.  My social life has picked up nicely.  With my attitude re-adjustment, because of MKMMA, I attract more people to myself.  People want to do business with me because of my integrity and trustworthiness.”

“Any advice?”  “Yes, start NOW!  And find a couple of mentors and OBSERVE.  Find people who are where you want to be.  If you know someone who makes friends easy, observe that person and learn.  Someone is successful?  How did they get there.  Most likely, everything you want you can have.  Someone else has already done it, you just have to duplicate.  Go for it!”

With that, the interview ended.  Jim was nice enough to pick up the tab.  Though network-marketing is not for me, I am curious about Stream.  Was this the “striking interest” Jim talked about?  I think I need to learn more.